A Dream Is Born| By Jasmine Beard

Dreams, everyone has them. But what takes a dream from being just a dream to reality?

A few years ago, I had just that – a dream.  It was something that seemed too far away to reach for and something that maybe would happen in the future.

When I was in my early twenties, I thought this future I dreamt so fondly of would magically happen one day, by chance or even by accident.

In my mind, I dreamt of doing huge things such as preaching in Third World Countries and changing the world for Jesus. I wanted to do something much larger than my small town humble beginnings could offer me.

After a hard break-up a few years ago, I found myself a bit lost and on a search to discover who I was and who I wanted to become.

So I began to dream again. I dreamt of an online community of women writing and communicating the truth of the gospel to one another.

This would be a community where women could be part of and receive encouragement in their everyday lives. Women would be free to talk about it all whether it be topics on Christian principles, singleness, sex, marriage, raising children or ministry.

Thus, the idea for Unveiling Eden was born and by the power of God, it has grown into a reality. I’m not sure exactly what God’s full plan is for this community. But, my prayer is that you would continue to come back and be encouraged from what He has to say about you and to you.

Unveiling Eden is finally here, so stay tuned for more. See every Wednesday for a new blog post.

Until next time,



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