A Song In the Night| By Kenetra Felder

During times of uncertainty and doubt, there is a song in the night!

It is when all hope fades and thoughts of a brighter day are far in the distance. People are worried and hearts are full of fear. This is when a melody begins to be heard and a chord is struck into every ear.

This song can be fast or slow, but it is the song that causes the spirit of God to blow.

Can you feel the words of God wrap you in a cloak of warmth and fill you with His love?

Could it be that you are the melody, and he is the lyrics to a song that brings peace in a storm?

Or could it be that the tear you just cried wrote a word on the paper, that brought revelation and gave life?

Could it be the song you rocked yourself to sleep on, as he commanded peace?

I would say it is written in a lot of ways, but I know it was written in the night. A sweet melody that causes many to connect to their Creator, as He brings in the morning light!

As God formed the world within a chaotic array, He can form your dark and separate the night from day!

I would say it is the song that pierces through to the other side. There is unexplainable darkness that comes to bring doubt, confusion, a feeling of displacement and uselessness. However, if you can shut out the voices, there is something sweet being sung over the earth, and the song includes You! The sweet sound of Him being the melody, and you singing back a response.

The song in the night for His children is like the lullaby that brings a hush to the earth to rock them in His arm. The song puts to sleep doubt, fear, lies, injustices, and self.

So, listen, and listen closely. Joy will come, peace is here, and the song of God will draw all, near! Stay in a place of listening so your heart will be clear. I would say it is the song that pierces through to the other side because He is the song in the night, and this song produces the day!

“By day the Lord commands his steadfast love, and at night his song is with me, a prayer to the God of my life.” Psalms 42:8 ESV

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