Choose Your Words Wisely| By Brittney Long

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

What if you could change the trajectory of your life with words – the very words you speak on a daily basis?

What if you could change the way you see yourself, see others and see the world?

Well, you can! The very words you choose to let come out of your mouth are your best and worst weapon. The beauty in that is, you get to choose. So choose wisely.

Just for a moment, let us go back to the beginning of time. In the book of Genesis, God spoke the heavens, earth, and everything in it into existence. Now, God is God, and we are not; so surely you will not be able to physically create a new coworker just by saying “let there be a new coworker at the office come Monday morning.”

However you can speak life and see a change.

What we say plays a serious role in our lives and the lives around us. God convicted my heart on this about two years ago. He reminded me of all the times I ‘jokingly’ would tell one of my friends she was going to hell when she did something wrong. I say jokingly because it was always in a laughing joking manner. I never meant it to be serious. However, I did not realize then that it was not funny, it was not a joke, and it was very much serious what I was saying. Regardless of how I meant it, I was still cursing my friend with my words. From that day on, I asked God to give me wisdom on how I choose my words to bring life.

Situations like this happen all the time. We say things like “I’m dying laughing” “my head is killing me” “these kids are crazy” “my husband is so lazy” “I’m so broke” “this car is a piece of junk” “I’m not…. Smart, pretty, skinny, good enough.”

That list goes on! But really how many times a week do we say these things? How many times a day do we say these things? If you say any of them once, it is too many times, and it is time to stop. It is time to choose better words. It is time to stop speaking death and destruction over the things and people we love and speak life over EVERYTHING and everyone!

So if biblically our words are powerful, and even science is proving our words are powerful, the only thing left to do is put it to the test yourself. When your coworker whom you do not care for is getting under your skin, do not call them annoying. See them differently. What makes them annoying? Do they ask too many questions? Then, say they are very inquisitive.

When the kids are full of energy and ready to go play, all excited, don’t call them crazy. Trust me you don’t want them to really be crazy.

Your husband isn’t lazy. He works hard for your family. He’s allowed to enjoy the recliner and a movie or two. You are not broke. You are responsible. Your car is not the piece of junk. It needs some work.

And beautiful women, you are a masterpiece! You were created in the Father’s image and likeness with love and nothing less! So do not dare say you are ugly, fat, not good enough or any other horrible untrue thing about yourself!! You are more than enough, and we are all a work in progress. You may not be the weight you would like, and it is not wrong to work for a healthier lifestyle and body (after all, you are the temple for the Holy Spirit). You are on a journey, and you’ll get there.

You are not ‘just’ a mom. You are training up your children in the way they should go. You are an amazing Proverbs 31 woman.

Singles, you are not lonely. Start an intimate relationship with God. You and Him both would love that! Laughing is not killing you, and your headache hurts something fierce, but it will not kill you either.

I strongly encourage you to choose your words wisely. Start with yourself and others. Speak life over yourself, family, circumstances and the whole world. Tell fear it has to leave! Speak to your situations the way David spoke to Goliath when he told him he was going to die that day. He said he would, and he did. We must have that same boldness when we choose our words of life over the circumstances we face.

Don’t forget the most powerful use of your words is prayer! Ask God to remove all words that bring death and destruction and replace them with words of life. He tells us all throughout the Bible to pray to Him. We know He wants it, and we know He hears us and answers us. (1 John 5:15)

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