Created for God's Purpose| By Emily Lawson

"And the angel of the Lord appeared unto him in a flames of fire out if the midst of a bush: and he looked, and, behold, the bush burned with fire, and the bush was not consumed." Exodus 3:2 KJV

I've heard the story of Moses since I was young. I watched The Prince of Egypt quite a bit, even though I didn't grow up in a religious home. I learned more when I started going to Sunday School with my boyfriend, and more again as I joined and stayed in church. Moses' story has so many aspects to learn from.

However, I never quite thought about the above passage as I did the other day.

The bush, a beacon for God to speak through, was engulfed with flames. But somehow, it wasn't consumed. It wasn't losing leaves as they shrank and disappeared from the heat. It wasn't getting smaller as it burned away.

It stood strong, facing the heat, and being used for God's will.

I want to be more like this bush.

I want to face my flames head on and people to remember me for what God spoke through me.

God wants to use us, and He is willing to use us in all seasons of life. And we need to be willing to be used through all seasons.

Too many times, when things get hard, when we feel like we're surrounded by the flames, we shrink away from the heat. We shut ourselves off. We tune God out.

This bush was likely created for the sole purpose of getting ahold of Moses. And we are created solely for God's purpose. Allowing God to use us, in the flames, gives out such a powerful testimony. (No one thinks of Moses and doesn't know about the burning bush...right?)

My flames are going to differ from yours and that's good. God doesn't give the same story to every person.

Struggles are not the time to hide and disappear from sight. One of the most powerful images to the lost is praising God through the storms of life.

Be the bush.

Allow God to use you. When things are beautiful enough to grow brilliant green leaves for the world to see. AND when the flames are so strong, but you stand tall and don't shrink away.

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