Invite Him In | By Tori Savoy

Sometimes I feel as if balancing life as a wife and mother while maintaining a relationship with God is a struggle.

My days usually start with the sound of my 8-month-old son crying on the baby monitor and my dog frantically running circles in my bedroom anxiously awaiting to be fed. I wobble out of bed, still drowsy, and feed the both of them.

If I am lucky, I can throw on some cartoons for the baby and get a good breakfast and some coffee in. Other times, I scarf a granola bar down just to give me enough energy to keep up with my little guy.

My son now crawls and pulls up on everything so I have to constantly be on guard or I will find him in my bathroom eating garbage out of the trash can or climbing on something that can easily tip over. Yeah, he has a lot of bumps and bruises currently.

If he isn’t out adventuring the house, he is crying with a broken heart to be in my arms. We are currently in that separation anxiety phase where he is glued to mama's hip.

Once he finally goes down for a nap, I can usually get in some lunch and about one thing accomplished whether it be dishes, laundry, or editing my client’s photos.

When he awakes, I am on full alert again. Before I know it, my husband is almost home and it is time to start dinner. We eat dinner together then it is time for baby boy’s bath and bedtime.

After he is asleep, I come to the kitchen to be greeted by the aftermath of cooking dinner. I do another load of dishes and pack my husband’s food for the next day.

By the time I make it to bed, I lay there thinking of all the things I did not get done and all I have to do the next day.

The floors have not been mopped in weeks. Do we have clean clothes to wear tomorrow? Do we have enough groceries for dinner tomorrow night?

Laying wide awake, I open my Bible App and talk with God. I apologize for spending so little time with Him. I thank Him for being so gracious to me. Sometimes, I even doze off mid-prayer and wake up feeling so guilty.

“God, how do I make sure to put you in every moment of my life? How do I serve you more?” I say to Him.

What I have come to realize is that He is already there, and by serving my family, I am serving Him.

Of course, I still make efforts to make prayer and Bible reading a priority, but in the busyness of life, He just wants us to invite Him into each and every moment.

As I chase my son or cuddle him close, God is there. As I cook and serve my husband when he gets home, God is right there, waiting for me to welcome Him in.

While I cook or clean, I love to blast worship music to invite God into the mundane tasks of the day. Each night, I pray over my son before he falls asleep, inviting God into our bedtime routine.

Sometimes I feel as if I am not serving God enough because I am not out in the mission field or serving on a church board. However, God has shown me this does not mean I am not doing God’s work.

He has placed me in the role as a wife and a mother, and I can definitely honor Him in it.

“Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ.” Colossians 3:23-24 (ESV)

Let me tell you, when I switch my perspective to doing my work to honor God, I feel more productive. I am more joyful in doing those dreaded dishes or balancing our budget.

This does not just apply to just the home, but even to working moms. If God has placed you at a particular job that has become mundane, remember you can honor God while there by maintaining a good work ethic and showing the love of Christ to your coworkers. Invite Him into your job.

Maybe you are currently getting an education. Invite Him into your studies and serve God through it.

Wherever He has you, you can serve Him through it.

Invite God into your marriage. Invite God into your friendships. Invite God into your relationship with your children. He is already there just waiting for you to acknowledge Him.

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