Love Over Lies| By Kabriel Scott

Are you disgusted with yourself yet? Are you tired of self sabotaging everything God gave you?

Have you ever felt literally psycho because of all the thoughts raging in your mind? Or what about having a roller coaster of emotions all the time?

Girl, I have been there! I have been through the highs and the lows, all because of lending my ears to the lies of the enemy.

This IS my life story. Yes, currently. This is my struggle. I am going to be completely transparent with you in hopes that my own healing will come from this. The Bible declares that we overcome Satan by the blood of the Lamb (I got that!) and by the Word of our testimony! (Revelations 12:11 KJV) Honey, let me tell you; I am still in the test part of this test-imony.

This is me on repeat. I wake up having a great day. I am loving Jesus and everyone around me. I am helping and serving others. I am feeling good, looking better. And all of the sudden, my thoughts shift negatively. My mood gets really skeptical. I begin to lend my ear to the enemy, and in enters the lies of Satan. I am thinking about it, on repeat. I am trying to shut it up, in my mind.

“Ugh, go away!”

Then the enemy shows me something in the natural that seemingly agrees with what he just said.

I am thinking, “Wait, what if he is right?”

That’s it! I am hooked, lined, and sinked. The lie is now planted. My day is ruined indefinitely until I come to the truth.

Ladies, have you ever been here?When you lose your grip on what God has said to you because of what you see in the natural? When things just are not adding up, and it seems like God is the One who missed it? It is the place where doubt begins to flood the mind, and anxiety becomes the center. Satan’s job is to get us to distrust Truth. He will do or show us literally anything to throw us off course of believing the truth. He is the father of lies, accuser of the brethren, and author of confusion.

We often do not realize that we are being used as his pawns because his tactics are very subtle. The Bible even declares that he is more clever than any other creature that God has made. He is best at dangling things in front of us that he knows are sensitive areas to us, leaving us walking blindly. The dude knows our weak spots!

However, just because the enemy shows us the wrong thing at the right time DOES NOT mean that God is a liar! Unfortunately, this is how our minds can process it sometimes.

I am sure we have all been here: You sin and fall short of God’s best for you.

What comes next? Guilt, shame, and condemnation knocking at your door. But what has changed?

Absolutely nothing! Even when you sin, God is still saying “ My righteous daughter!” “She’s so worthy!” “My precious child.”

Is He happy with your heart’s decision? No. But He also is not calling you out by your name. Something we do far too often to ourselves and others. True love will never make you change but will desire you to see the truth.

Our name remains the same with God. No matter how stupid our actions can be. The disciples walked with Jesus and were still oblivious to the truth that He is. However, Jesus continued to walk with them and say, as He says to us now: if you love me, listen to My voice.

God’s Word must be stored in our hearts in order to break lies of the enemy. Why? Two competing words will leave us confused every time. When what we believe changes based upon our situation, The Word is not hidden in our hearts, but our heads. It is not just about speaking positive, my girl. It is about believing God’s promises beyond what you can see! Settle on what you believe, and DO NOT BE REMOVED.

In John 14, Jesus talks about sending us a Friend so we will not be destitute. This Friend is called the Spirit of Truth (Holy Spirit). This Spirit lives within, making everything plain to us! We often live in confusion and blindness because we do not allow the Holy Spirit to speak direction, help, and truth to us. He is our reminder. We must spend more time marinating in God’s Word, allowing His Word to be spoken over us daily. Those who love God will keep His promises. God is not distant, He is not a far way off. He is close to you and He is definitely concerned. So, surrender the lies and pick up truth and believe in His promises!

But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you. John 14:26 (ESV)

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