Mama, It is Well|By Emily Lawson

Updated: May 11, 2020

I admit, it took me a while to figure out what to put on paper for this post.

I feel it is a privilege as a mom of one and one on the way to be able to write for a Mother’s Day post.

However, I just could not do the typical “Mother’s Day” post. God really laid it on my heart that the Bible offers so many different examples of mothers.

  • There are examples of the mother that waited. Waited years. Even gave up on waiting.

  • There are examples of the mother who had multiple children and found that they could all go different directions in life.

  • There are examples of the mother who had a child and gave up the chance to raise him, to give him back to God.

  • There are examples of the mother who lost their child.

  • There are examples of the mother that unexpectedly became a mother and their plans for life changed dramatically.

No matter the type of mother you may be, God tells your story. God does NOT leave anyone out. He knows your story.

He knows your pain.

He knows your joy.

He knows your grief.

He knows your wants.

And He needs you to trust Him with it all.

Trust Him with your pain of infertility.

Trust Him with your post-partum depression and anxiety.

Trust Him with your children’s futures.

Trust Him with your worries about your teen.

Trust Him with your wants to see your children accept His salvation.

Trust Him with your future children.

Philippians 4:6 (KJV) puts it best, saying: “Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.”

No matter the circumstances, no matter the expectations, give it over to God. In EVERYTHING, pray humbly and wholeheartedly, trusting that God will hear and answer in the best way possible.

One of my favorite songs is “It Is Well (Elisha’s Song)” by The Issacs. It talks about the mother that waited years for a child, and after spending time with Elisha, he prophesied that she would hold a son within a year. The child was born and grew, but one day he fell in the field, was brought to the house, and died right on her lap. The emotions of her story weigh on me so strong as I listen. Then the chorus comes on and speaks to how to she did not let anything distract her. She was focused on the fact that God knew her pain and her wants. She did not even tell her husband that the boy had passed. She simply replied, “It is well”. She let nothing get in her way, and the child breathed life again.

“It is well. It is well! There is peace in my despair knowing God will hear my prayer and I will cling to the promise that He brings. Even death can have no sting, no power in Hell. For it is well!”

God has not changed from that time. He still answers prayers, even those that seem impossible. He still knows what you need, and He will not leave you behind.

So, as you reach out to your mom today and tell your momma friends how great they are doing, do not forget that God sees you too - right where you are. He has not forgotten you and the plan He has for your life.

Each mother of the Bible has this one thing in common; they trusted God.

You can trust Him too!

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