Mere Human| By Emily Lawson

Tell me a little about yourself.

What comes to mind?

Your name, age, job, relationship status? Maybe your hobbies or interests?

Mine would go something like, “Hi, I’m Emily! I’m a wife to my high school sweetheart, and a mommy to my son, with another baby on the way! I’m currently a financial service representative for a hospital pharmacy, but would love to stay home someday. Our family loves to be outdoors to hike, camp, and travel…”

But who are you? Really? Down to the nitty gritty.


We are each a ball of emotions and heart strings and hot messes.

And that is what each of us focus on when we look at ourselves. How quick our temper is. How easy it is to make us cry, or how often we don’t cry. How lazy we feel, or how much time we don’t take to relax.

How does God see you?

After church the other night, I figured it out.

To God,

I am water.

I am a storm at sea.

I am a fish.

I am a blind man.

Every item is common and unique.

I am a shepherd’s staff.

I am a rock in the desert.

I am an oil container.

I am dry bones.

Every item is unmoving.

I am Moses.

I am David.

I am Esther.

I am Job.

All just plain humans.


God moved THROUGH them.

Water turned to wine.

A fish to feed thousands.

A shepherd’s staff to part the sea.

Dry bones turned to soldiers.

A youth David to fight a giant.

A woman to save a nation.

This time of year, we resolve to be new and better. We grow in strength and in health.

This year, though, what if you resolved to sit back and listen? A little more closely. A little more intently.

What if we resolved to have more conversations in our prayer closet? Asking for less to be taken, and instead asking for more grace and understanding in our circumstances. No matter if they are positive or negative.

Jeremiah 33:3 (KJV) says: Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.

Ask for the strength to face the world we live in boldly.

Ask for the vision to see the opportunities that He lays before you.

Our workout routines will still be there each day. Our diet plans will help us feel better each meal.

However, our prayers can be there for us when the gym closes and when the refrigerator is still calling us after we have met our intake for the day!

When we can’t sleep at 2am. When we are having a rotten day and we’re stuck in traffic. When our plans are cancelled last minute and we cannot help but be disappointed.

Friends, family, and significant others are wonderful, but they are not as available as a limitless God. No need to remember a phone number. No need for the phone to be charged. No need to find the right words.

You do not have to be a special person. Moses saw himself as someone that could not speak well, but God saw him as the one to free the slaves. Job was just a father and home owner, but God saw him as the perfect one to demonstrate true faith to the world.

Resolve to be YOU this year.

Let God work THROUGH you. Make yourself available. Allow God to use you.

A New Year’s Resolution has never changed your life so much!

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