Quiet My Mind| By Rachel Lukinovich

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Have you heard that men have waffle brains and women have spaghetti brains? Well, let me tell you, I do not know if this is a fact for all men and women, but I can definitely see it in my own life.

My husband says he has “boxes” in his brain and even says he has a “nothing box” where he can literally just be thinking about nothing, I suppose.

Myself, on the other hand, I never enter a “nothing” box. My brain is like spaghetti. I am always thinking about multiple things - it is not just what to eat, or wear, or what has to get done, it is previous conversations and so much more. I don’t try to do it. My brain is just going and going, thinking about every orderly and random thing pertaining to my life and even the lives of others. Sometimes it is intrusions from the enemy, but that is a whole other topic.

It seems close to impossible to “be still” and “quiet my soul” with everything going on- marriage, three kids, housework, working as a nurse, ministry, and maintaining important relationships. All the thoughts that come with all of that - what, how, why, when, where. I am sure you can relate.

One morning during my quiet time with the Lord, I was listening to a worship song by Michael W. Smith, “The One That Really Matters.” My heart’s desire was to put away all those spaghetti thoughts constantly going on in my head and escape into my Jesus room. Now, I know for certain this is truly possible- you know, to press in and really enter into the presence of God. If it was not possible, then we would never receive revelation or be drawn to do it.

However, let’s be honest here; life is not always this way. Sometimes, we want so badly to press in and just focus every thought on Jesus and loving Him, yet despite our efforts, our noodles are flying around our brains. So instantly, I try to readjust my thoughts and refocus back on Jesus. The problem is, the thoughts of everyday-life stuff seem to flood in, trying to take over this valuable, much needed set apart time with the Lord. It may not even be anxious thoughts, just innocent ones about daily schedules, dinner planning, friends, etc.

But these are still cares of this world, and then the condemnation of the enemy intrudes, telling me I have to get it together and focus my thoughts only on Jesus, or it is not a pleasing fragrance to Him. The enemy makes it seem as if my efforts are not good enough because I am not completely focused on Jesus, yet my true heart’s desire is for that exact thing.

This is when it gets real. The enemy is waging a war for our soul, and he comes in at little weak moments like this trying to shame and tear us down.

Then there’s another still small voice, the Holy Spirit. He exposes the lies of the devil and speaks what is true.

"You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you!” Isaiah 26:3 NLT

This is displayed by our actions:

Why am I setting aside time to sit with Jesus? My mind is on Him, I trust Him.

Why do I wake up early to spend time with Jesus? My mind is on Him, I trust Him.

Why do I open my Word to know what is true? My mind is on Him, I trust Him.

Why do I talk to God, even when my brain feels full of spaghetti? My mind is on Him, I trust Him.

The fact that we even set apart time for Jesus displays that our minds are set on Him.

If I choose to listen to the lies of the devil, I may never enter the presence of God. I will miss out on what He has to tell me, show me, and do in my heart. If I stop there, I will miss out. I refuse to miss out on the goodness of God. I choose to bring my spaghetti brain to Him and let Him help me figure it all out.

“I know that I have been found, the cares of life can’t hold me down. Cause you’re the one I wanna please, what matters now is what you think. You’re the one that really matters.” - Michael W. Smith

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