When God Says Wait | By Sarah Frey

In the Disney movie, Tangled, Rapunzel has a song that always speaks to my heart. She is singing about all the things she is doing to keep herself busy while all along wondering: “WHEN WILL MY LIFE BEGINNNNN!”

Every person I know has spent at least some portion of his/her 20s in a period of waiting. It is that time where you know that God has promised you something (a spouse, a career, a child, etc.), but for one reason or another, it just hasn’t happened yet. 

Take for example my best friend since childhood. She is a smart, driven, a God-fearing woman. She knew in high school that she was going to be a dental hygienist. It was something she knew in her heart was God ordained. She took the necessary classes in high school to prepare for college. In college she worked her booty off studying and blazing through her undergrad classes. She had everything a dental school would want in an applicant. She moved out of our apartment at the end of undergrad and moved home for the summer, faithfully awaiting her acceptance letter to the dental school of her choice. And guess what, it never came. She didn’t get in. 

Dear Jesus… um what?!

There was no reason she shouldn’t have gotten in and we couldn’t figure out why God would bring her right to the edge and then push the pause button. She went back and took more undergrad classes and sure enough she was accepted the next year into the same dental school. 

Ten years later, we’re still not sure of why God pushed the pause button on a plan that she so truly felt came from him. 

I am not writing this blog to tell you what to do when God pushes the pause button on His plans for you. I am writing to encourage you that more often than you realize, this is how God rolls! You are not alone in your waiting. 

Don’t believe me?

  • Jacob waited 14 years from the time he met the love of his life until he was finally allowed to marry her. He knew it was her from the moment he met her and yet… wait.

  • David was anointed the future king of Israel and then… pause… wait 15 years.

  • Moses delivered an entire nation out of bondage and instead of this grand moment of “out of bondage and into paradise,” they wandered… in the dang desert… for 40 freaking years.

  • Rahab was a Canaanite woman who promised to help the Israelites if they would spare her family from the coming destruction. They said cool and disappeared for almost 3 weeks! Can you imagine knowing that everything around you is going to be completely destroyed any moment now and having to just… wait? 

  • Paul was converted to the path of the Lord on the road to Damascus around 34 AD and then he’s sent home to Tarsus to just… wait! For almost 10 years before his actual ministry begins.

We aren’t given much insight in the Bible as to what these people did while they were on pause. Jacob worked, David herded more sheep, Rahab perhaps took up knitting… but that’s the point. It doesn’t matter what they did while they waited, the point is, that they waited faithfully. I’m sure there was some doubt and some frustration. But we serve and love a God who fulfills promises! We can rest in that!

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